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Thanksgiving discounts!

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As a token of our gratitude this Thanksgiving, use code GIVETHANKS during checkout thru 11-31-13 for 10% off your entire order!

Need more stuff, but already submitted your order?

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So, you just finished making your order, you've clicked the pay now button, and DOH! You forgot to add that one extra part. Never fear! We've added a new shipping option just for you! Just place an additional order for the new parts and we'll add them to your previous order for no extra charge when you choose the new shipping option labelled "add to existing open order" as long as the original order hasn't shipped.

"Ya, but how do I know if my other order is still open?"

Easy! We send out a shipping notification and tracking information. If you have received that for your original order, then its too late!

New products!

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Be sure and check out the new BrickLites with multiple colors to choose from! [link]

12 inch Extension Cables

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12 inch Extension cables will be back in stock on Friday, August 30.

Shipping cost issue fixed

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If some of you have been seeing overpriced shipping charges when you were trying to purchase the mains adapter kit, we found and fixed an error. Shipping is based on weight and we had made a typo when entering the weight for that product. It's 9 ounces, not 9 pounds!