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New kit added!

We've added a brand new kit specially designed to light up interior rooms of buildings! Check it out after you get an eye full of the kit installed in the LEGO® Creator Beach House:

Click the photo to proceed to the product page for this product.

LED cable changes

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As of March 1st, 2010 LED cables, either sold in kits or sold separately, will no longer include a LEGO® piece surrounding the LED. This gives more flexibility to the user by allowing placement of the LED into more places. All of our LEDs will fit through 3mm holes.

eLite Jr Signature Series Now Available!

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The newest version of the best selling eLite Jr., dubbed eLite Jr. Signature, has the latest advancements in our custom firmware to make it the most advanced product of its kind! Click here to see why the eLite Jr. Signature will soon be the most popular micro lighting product anywhere!

Model Builder Series update

Our newest line, deemed Model Builder Series (MBS), is shaping up nicely and more product information will be released in the coming weeks. Right now we have already released the first kit of the series, the MBS Basic. More information can be found on its product page.

Happy Holidays from LifeLites

We would like to extend our warmest wishes to you and your families for the Christmas season, through out the remainder of the year and all through next year!

Our store will remain open and we'll work on orders as we have time, but no orders placed after December 16th will make it to you in time for Christmas. The elves are taking a break! If you need a rush on your order, please contact the head elf using our contact link on the support page..