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12 inch Extension Cables

12 inch Extension cables will be back in stock on Friday, August 30.

Shipping cost issue fixed

If some of you have been seeing overpriced shipping charges when you were trying to purchase the mains adapter kit, we found and fixed an error. Shipping is based on weight and we had made a typo when entering the weight for that product. It's 9 ounces, not 9 pounds!

Even More New StudLite Products!

We've released three new StudLite models dubbed StudLite 1x6. They were designed primarily to be used for head lights and tail lights in your 6 stud wide creations. Check them out on our LED Products page! [link]

Inventory time!

We will be closed for inventory starting Friday, July 26th through August 5th. No orders will ship during this time. If you place an order (thank you!), we will ship it on or after August 5th.

Sending support emails

I'm happy to say that we ALWAYS answer emails from our customers who utilize the onsite message system, HOWEVER, we occasionally get bounce backs and are unable to respond to you. Most of the time its an incorrect return email address entered by you. Please make sure we can get in touch with you! We absolutely love answering your emails! Thanks!