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April Fools 2011: Self Contained LEDsaber


After years of searching for batteries small enough to fit inside a minifig scale Lightsaber hilt, I gave up. The world just doesn't have an industry standard commercially available battery small enough to fit in a 3mm space.

That's exactly why I paid mucho grande to have our manufacturer MAKE a battery that would fit! And the resulting LEDsaber you see before your very eyes is the first recipient of our new battery technology. No more wires! We've managed to squeeze 4 of these batteries in the hilt and have enough room for the LED and components for turning it on and off. To turn the LEDsaber on, simply insert the desired color saber blade into the end of the hilt!

More minifig scale utensils and weapons to follow using our new battery technology. Stay tuned!

Installation example - Modulites in the Winter Bakery

Here is just one example of how easy it is to install LifeLites in your creations. Only one LEGO piece was slightly modified (removed the center tube from a 2x2 round plate at the base of the lamp post). Other than that, all pieces are unmodified and installation took less than five minutes!

In the first photo I'll show you the end result. All that was used is one Modulite kit and one 12 inch LED cable (LED color = warm white).

Lower prices!


In today's tough economic times while most prices are going up, we are actually lowering prices on some of our most popular products! We've lowered the price on select kits and accessories so shop now and look for the yellow "New Low Price!!!".

Tricked Out Sleigh Contest Winners

Congratulations to everyone who entered the Tricked Out Sleigh Contest. You are ALL winners! Check your Flickr mail for details.

Contest Deadline is Approaching!


We're well on our way into the Tricked Out Sleigh contest and we've now received our first entry, the Santa X3000 from Flickr user Captain Zuloo.

Santa X3000

The contest deadline is approaching fast!