Self Contained PostLite - Warm White

Don't have room in your town to conceal wires under sidewalks for your lamp posts? We have you covered! The LifeLites self contained PostLite features a built in replaceable battery and an ON/OFF switch in a 2x2 brick sized base. Just put them together, and turn them on! 2x2 plate as shown in photo is not included.

Expected battery life with a new CR1025 battery should be between 36 to 48 hours continuous before getting unusably dim. Extra batteries can be found here. [link]

Self Contained PostLite

Kit includes:
1 - White Lamp Post
1 - PostLite MCU
1 - CR1025 battery
1 - Modified 2x2 brick
LED color:  Warm White 

Replacement Battery: [link]

Price: $9.99