USB Power Adapter

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Say goodbye to changing batteries! We have the solution! The USB Power Adapter will allow you to plug your Modulites, eLite Basic, eLite Advanced, or even LED cables into USB power (5v DC) with the included 3ft USB cable. Make your creations really shine like they never have before with 3.3v which is a small boost up from two fully charged batteries which are only 3v. This product includes one 12 inch jumper for connection to eLite units such as eLite Basic, eLite Advanced, or Modulites.

eLite (except Jr), ModuLite, ModuLite RGB, PostLite

Accessory Includes:
1 - eLite compatible USB Power Adapter MCU
1 - 3ft USB cable
1 - 12 inch jumper cable

Price: $12.99