You wanted it, you got it - finally!

The BadgeLite is here! It features 8 LEDs and 8 patterns, a slide ON/OFF switch, and comes with a battery! And get this; the battery lasts for the whole weekend show!

Our BadgeLite is a different product altogether from the original brick badge light produced a few years back by a different vendor. The BadgeLite features eight 5mm mounting holes, replaceable CR2032 battery, eight LEDs, Slide ON/OFF switch, and a pushbutton to select one of the eight built in light patterns.

Special note:
Instead of using a 1x8 Technic brick on your brick badge for the LEDs to shine through, use 4 1x2 Technic 2 hole bricks, 8 1x1 Technic bricks, or even 8 1x1 headlight bricks (not included)!

Patterns included:

  • All On
  • Chase Right
  • Chase Left
  • Ping Pong
  • Scanner
  • All Flash
  • Alt Flash
  • Alt Triple Flash

Kit includes:
1 - BadgeLite
2 - CR2032 Battery

Additional information:
BadgeLite Badge Building Instructions [link]

Price: $19.99