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Free Shipping on orders of $35 or more!*

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Ideas for using NanoLites in LEGO 10254 Holiday Train

Here are a few photos we took to show a NanoLite installed in the new LEGO 10254 Holiday Train. It took less than five minutes to do the install! No pieces were added or modified and no alternate construction techniques were needed.

Here's the finished product. Looks great!

For the passenger car we used a NanoLite MCU and 3 NanoLite warm white cables. We chose to place the NanoLite MCU in a convenient location so we could easily access it for turning it on and off. The extra cable was simply wrapped around the NanoLite battery holder.

For the Christmas tree car we used a NanoLite MCU, two flashing red NanoLite cables and two flashing blue NanoLite cables. The extra cable was simply wrapped around the base of the tree. The whole tree assembly still spins freely on its base with the lights installed.