What to Buy?

There are a few key components to the eLite (pronounced:  ee-light) system that, once you get familiar with, will allow you to add lights to anything large or small.  Here are our most basic components and what they do:

If you're going to light up rooms or docking bays, or cockpits, etc., I would suggest using ModuLites. Each kit comes with 3 modules which contain 1 LED (light) each and connect in a daisy-chain with a six inch jumper wire in between them. The kit comes with a battery box which  utilizes two AAA batteries (not included). You can connect up to 32 ModuLites per power source (like our 9v adapter or mains kit). ModuLites use a 6 inch cable to connect between the modules. You can use extension cables to make that distance longer. Here’s my recommendations  on ModuLite spacing:

For brightly lit rooms, use 1 ModuLite every 8x8 stud space.
For medium lit rooms, use 1 ModuLite every 12x12 stud space.
For dimly lit rooms, use 1 ModuLite every 16x16 stud space.

The higher the mounting of the ModuLite in the room, the better light  spread you will have.  The Modulite Kit kit can be found here:
Modulite Kit

If you need to light accents, decorations, headlights, non flashing or  non flickering "always on" lights for engines, landing or marker lights, etc., I'd suggest to start with an eLite Basic kit. It comes with 8 lights on 6 inch cables and the lights have a constant ON function. The kit comes with our standard 2xAAA battery box with integrated ON/OFF switch. The eLite Basic Kit can be found here:
eLite Basic Kit

If you want your lights to flash, flicker or fade, you'll probably want  to pick up an eLite Advanced kit instead of the eLite Basic Kit.  The  eLite Advanced kit comes with 8 lights and features 25 built in patterns.  It can be found here:
eLite Advanced Kit

For small spaces I recommend the eLite Jr Signature. It comes with 4 lights and runs off a small watch battery which is included in the kit.  The eLite Jr. Signature features 12 built in patterns to choose from.  This unit is powered by a small CR1225 battery, which keeps things tiny, but a trade-off will be battery life.  More info can be found here:
eLite Jr Signature Kit

The USB Adapter will allow you to eliminate using batteries in some eLite and NanoLite kits :
USB Adapter

We have many LED cable types , LED colors and cable lengths to suit a variety of applications.  Start here for a list of them and other  accessories:
LED Cables and Accessories

Sometimes 6 inches for LED cables which come in the kits just aren’t long enough to reach, so we have a selection of 6, 12 and 24 inch long Extension Cables:
Extension Cables

You can connect some eLite kits together (not eLite Jr.) and power them from one power source using Jumper Cables:
Jumper Cable

The eLite Basic MCU (the main part of the eLite Basic kit) makes a great  distribution box.  Just connect to power and you can connect up to 9  items to it:
eLite Basic MCU

And finally, the newest member of our team, the NanoLite.  Unfortunately  the NanoLite isn't compatible with any of our eLite products, but if you need to go even smaller than the eLite Jr this is the product for you!  The NanoLite Basic features a 15mm x 15mm main board and uses two coin cell batteries for power.  It has an integrated ON/OFF switch and four outputs to our smallest ever LED cables called NanoLite Cables. NanoLite Basic Kit can be found here:
(No longer available. Check back for updates on this product.)

Be sure to check out our Flickr galleries for some of our customers' creations using LifeLites!
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