Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers to help you learn what LifeLites hobby lighting products are and what capabilities they contain:

What exactly is LifeLites?
The word LifeLites is derived from the the words 'lifelike' and 'lights' which means your scale models, DIY projects, and LEGO® models can become more interactive and closer to their real-world counterparts by adding products from LifeLites. LifeLites is the brand name of its line of products sold by LifeLites, LLC. LifeLites hobby lighting products are the complete modular solution for all your scale hobby lighting needs for easily adding dynamic lighting effects to LEGO® creations, scale models, model railroads, dollhouses, and more!

What is an eLite?
The eLite (pronounced ee-light) is a micro-sized  modular lighting system produced under the LifeLites brand consisting of  a controller module (MCU), power source, and connectable LED cables.  The form factor was produced to work directly with LEGO® products, but  can easily be used in scale models, model railroads, or other small  creations. LifeLites also has other products that are compatible to the eLite system including ModuLite and SimpLite.

Note: NanoLites are *NOT* compatible with the eLite line of products.

What are all the patterns on an eLite?
Some eLite versions (Jr., Advanced, etc.) come with multiple lighting  patterns.  We designed these patterns for both display at a show, and  more importantly, just to look cool in your model.  All the lighting  patterns feature various flashing rates or styles which we have given  names (like lighthouse, machine gun, emergency vehicle, etc), and  variations of these patterns have different speeds or brightness  settings.  More details on the individual patterns can be found on the  product pages.

My eLite unit locked up; how do I fix it?
eLite Advanced reset procedure
1. Turn power off
2. Hold user input button on bottom of MCU
3. Turn power on
4. Release user input button

eLite Jr. reset procedure
1. Remove battery
2. Hold button A&B
3. Insert battery
4. Release button A&B

How do I identify the lighted color of the LED cables?

Heat Shrink Color = LED Color/Type

Black or Black/Black = unidentified LED color/type (older LED cable type)
Blue or Blue/Blue = Blue
Blue/Black = Flashing Blue
Blue/Green = Flashing Multicolor
Green or Green/Green = Green
Green/Black = Flashing Green
Orange or Orange/Orange = Orange
Red or Red/Red = Red
Red/Black = Flashing Red
Red/Blue = Flashing Red and Blue
White or White/White = White
White/Black = Flashing White
Yellow or Yellow/Yellow = Yellow
Yellow/Black = Flashing Yellow
Yellow/Orange = Flickering Yellow
Yellow/White = Warm White

Can LifeLites make custom hardware or software for my needs and what is the cost?
We have a large portfolio of custom work we've completed for customers  including LEGO Systems, Inc., LEGOLAND, LEGO Certified Professionals,  other private firms and many others.  If you are interested in obtaining  a quote for custom work, please contact us with your information.

How do I decide which kits or accessories I need to buy?
This depends on a few key aspects of your model.  You'll need to  consider how big your model is, how many lights you're going to want,  which ones are constant lights, which are flashing some kind of pattern,  and how you will power your model (internal batteries, battery boxes,  or external power).  A good primer on a few of our most popular items  can be found here. [link]

  • Most standard eLite kits from LifeLites include LED cables that are 6  inches long.  If you need longer cables then you'll need to purchase  extension cables for these included cables, or purchase longer 12 inch  LED cables separately.  The extension cables come in 12 inch and 24 inch  lengths.
  • eLite Basic has 8 outputs and comes with 8 LED cables; eLite  Advanced has 8 outputs and comes with 8 LED cables.  You can daisy-chain  eLites (except Jr.) together to run more lights from one power source.
  • eLite Jr. has 4 outputs and comes with 4 LED cables.  It is not recommended to to run more than 4 LEDs with an eLite Jr.
  • eLite Basic, eLite Advanced, and ModuLites require external  power (Battery Box or Power Adapter).  Please check those product pages  for further information.  eLite Jr runs on an internal replaceable coin  cell battery type CR1225.

How do I connect eLites to my LEGO model?
Most eLite and eLite compatible products are easily connectable to LEGO  models using either a 2x4 plate or 1x1 round plates.  Our products range  in height from 3 LEGO plates tall to 4 LEGO plates tall.  The LED  cables feature LEDs small enough to fit through most 3mm and 5mm LEGO  holes.  Be sure to leave some kind of open spaces or channels inside  your models for the wiring!

Can LifeLites perform custom installations?
Sure!  Just ship your model to us we will be happy to perform a very  professional install of any LifeLites product and even customized  lighting based on your particular needs.  Base prices depend on the  number of LifeLites products the model may require plus installation  costs.  There is no limit to the size small or large of projects we have  done and can do for you!  Shipping charges apply and are based on  weight, fragility, packaging, shipping method, worldwide location.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Here is a list of payments we currently accept:

  • Credit Card payments through PayPal (no PayPal account needed)
  • Standard PayPal payments

How Much is Shipping to My Location?

We ship using United state Postal Service which ensures we have a way to track your package (non-US tracking, restrictions apply). We do our best to ship your order within 1-2 days of payment. Shipping prices for different countries are based on weight and dimensions. Here are some base prices up to 48 ounces of weight:

[effective January 28, 2019]

  • USA USPS First-Class - $4.00 to $11.00 USD
  • USA USPS Priority Mail - $9.00 to $20.00 USD
  • USA USPS Express - $25.00 to $44.00 USD

  • Canada USPS First-Class - $11.00 to $26.00 USD
  • Canada USPS Priority Mail - $28.00 to $66.00 USD
  • Canada USPS Express - $42.00 to $60.00 USD

  • Non-US USPS First-Class - $14.00 to $36.00 USD
  • Non-US USPS Priority Mail - $38.00 to $95.00 USD
  • Non-US USPS Express - $61.00 to $69.00 USD

Return policy
LifeLites offers a 30 day return policy for undamaged products.  Use the contact us form for further details.

Defectives replacement and warranty information
LifeLites products are guaranteed to be free from material and  workmanship defects which would render the product unusable under normal  usage and offers a limited lifetime replacement part policy for the  defective LifeLites product so long as the product was not abused,  misused, or deliberately made unusable. LifeLites will send to the  original purchaser, free of charge or shipping costs, any replacement  part or parts that have a noted and verified manufacture defect.   LifeLites reserves the right to require any and all defective part or  parts be returned to LifeLites for warranty verification.  

In layman's terms: If it doesn't work, we'll replace it.  If you broke it because you stepped on it, pulled a wire out of its connector,  or your dog chewed it up (just to name a few examples) we probably will  not replace it.

LifeLites will provide a 30 day replacement policy for all Third-Party products sold on this site.